Here are my fiction publications, newest to oldest:

“Laurel’s First Chase” in Humans Are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology

I’m so excited to have a story in this anthology featuring some of the finest horror writers out there! “Laurel’s First Chase” is the final story in the book. Order from Weird Little Worlds or Amazon. October 2021.

“Canyon Village” in Underland Arcana (read online)

A short epistolary story related to my story “Unschooled” from Underland Press’s XVIII, which also played on The Wicked Library. October 2021.

BEULAH Cover Reveal

Cover revealed on October 9 2021 for my first novel, BEULAH, coming January 25, 2022 from Cemetery Gates Media. Cover by Luke Spooner (Carrion House).

“The Old Switcheroo” in What One Wouldn’t Do from Scott J. Moses

My story “The Old Switcheroo” is the very last story in this anthology! September 2021.

“Threads Like Wire, Like Vine” in Handmade Horror

This anthology focuses on arts and crafts-based horror, including my story of a macrame thrift-store teddy. September 2021.

“Every City a Small Town” in Nonbinary Review #25 Prohibition

Short dystopian story about the pleasures of disobedience. September 2021.

“Cocooning” on Tales to Terrify (listen online)

I was honored to find “Cocooning”–one of my best stories–featured on the 500th episode Special of Tales to Terrify. This dark tale originally appeared in Three-Lobed Burning Eye and is expertly narrated here by Nikolle Doolin. My sixth story on this podcast. August 2021.

“The Pelt” on The Wicked Library (listen online)

This story has always been special to me, and even more so now. It was one of my mother’s favorites, and just a few days before she died, she was able to listen to Mary Murphy’s wonderful narration of it with me. The story debuted in Vastarien and is my third story to appear on this podcast. August 2021.

“The Gods Shall Lay Sore Trouble Upon Them” in Boneyard Soup 3

This weird tale, originally from Nightscript VI, was inspired by Hesiod’s Theogony as well as some strange dreams I had. My second appearance in this magazine. July 2021.

“Viridian Green” on Tales to Terrify (listen online)

An extremely short tale illustrating the myriad horrors of Zoom meetings. My fifth story on this podcast. July 2021.

“The Orbital Bloom” in Fusion Fragment 6 (coauthored with Eileen Gunnell Lee)

The first time I have collaborated on a story. An epistolary story that is lovely and was fun to create (though be warned that it does get a bit gross). “epistolary / mother-daughter relationships / resetting.” My second appearance in Fusion Fragment. May 2021.

“Unschooled” on The Wicked Library (listen online)

Lovely narration by Addison Peacock! My second story to run on this podcast. April 2021.

“Talia” in Saltwater and Other Stories

My story “Talia” has been reprinted in the literary anthology Saltwater and Other Stories from Askance Publishing. March 2021.

“Resiliencia” at Escritoras de Urras Podcast (listen online)

My story “Resilience” from PseudoPod translated into Spanish! February 2021.

“You Will Make Me Strong Again” on Tales to Terrify (listen online)

“Three nights are gone by on the island before I begin to see you.” Lovely narration by Heather Thomas. This one appears about 16 minutes into the podcast and is followed by “All Gods Creatures Got Reasons” by Frank Oreto. My fourth story on the podcast. February 2021.

“The Portrait of Basil Hallward” and “Move-in Weekend” on Tales to Terrify (listen online)

A story inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray, beautifully narrated by Bryce Dahle. A story of a young murderer with spot-on narration by Sarah Mehra. My second and third stories on the podcast. February 2021.

“A Cold Grip” in Boneyard Soup‘s Premier Issue

January 2021. My first story in Boneyard Soup. The story was up on the site for a while, but now that the next issue is out, it can no longer be read for free. I’d recommend subscribing!

“Finishers” in Dark Matter Magazine 001

I was excited to have a story in the first issue of this promising new magazine. “Finishers” is a dark science fiction coming-of-age story. Print copies of the first issue appear to be sold out, but a digital edition of the issue can be had here, and the audio version of “Finishers” can be had here. There are also samples of all the stories here. January 1, 2021.

“Swarm of Pan” in Centropic Oracle (listen online)

I was happy to have this very short story reprinted at Centropic Oracle after the original publisher, Automata Review, went offline. Centropic Oracle also compiled this handy bibliography of my work as of 2020. Fantastic narration by Tori Danner!

“The Laffun Head” in Speculative North #3

A creepy science fiction story about death and a mysterious wall-hung head. The issue is free if you sign up for the Speculative North Newsletter here or can be had at Amazon. December 2020.

“Packet C” on Toasted Cake Podcast (listen online)

Tina Connolly does an excellent narration of this very short story!

“The Gods Shall Lay Sore Trouble Upon Them” in Nightscript VI

October 2020. My third story in this series, a weird one for sure. I love the Nightscript series!

“Cocooning” in Three-Lobed Burning Eye (read online)

“At first it’s just a shifting, shimmering movement too small to notice. My face—I know I’m holding it still—but it’s moving slightly, crawling around the jaw.” This story has gotten me more fan mail than any other and led to some editors reaching out for stories. I was also interviewed about the story by Todd Sullivan for this short video. June 2020.

“Resilience” in PseudoPod (listen or read online)

Narrated beautifully by Dani Daly and hosted by Kat Day, May 2020. Um, don’t eat lunch while you listen to this one.

I was honored to see this story listed on the Strange Horizons Short Fiction Round Up from Maria Haskins. My second story to run on this podcast. June 2020.

“A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors” in Hermine

My novelette “A Children’s Treasury of Windows and Doors” appears in the debut issue of S. Kennedy Sobol’s new journal alongside stories by Alison Stine, Chris Kuriata, Mehdi M. Kashani, Wendy Nikel, and Lituo Huang. Gorgeous cover art by Stephanie Singleton. June 2020.

“Substance” in Fusion Fragment 1

My first novelette, “Substance,” appears in Issue #1 of Fusion Fragment, a newly revived pay-what-you-like magazine. If you pay $5, you’re entered into a drawing to win books suggested by each issue’s authors. I liked the story description from their main page: “ ‘Substance’ by Christi Nogle: really big worms / royalty / classic literature.” May 2020.

“Smaller Still Than Me” in The Arcanist (read or listen online)

My third story in The Arcanist–a great online flash magazine you can get via email if you subscribe. This one is also read very nicely for the Tales From The Arcanist podcast episode 44 on Spotify. April 2020.

“Watershakers” in Pulp Literature

This short story appeared in April 2020. I read a portion of it at the Pulp Literature Book Launch (48 minutes into the recording).

“Unschooled” in Underland Press’s XVIII (Eighteen): Stories of Mischief & Mayhem

Available at Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo

The short story “Unschooled.” March 2020.

Talia,” first-place in Askance Winter Short Story Competition (read an excerpt online)

A story about summer. From the page: “Talia felt like pure Americana, the images as brilliant as the sunshine the story swelters in, the characters as gritty and down-to-earth as a documentary. Writing from multiple points of view is always risky, a writer can so easily lose the reader’s attention, break the thread, wake the reader from that ‘vivid and continuous dream.’ Not so with Talia, the multiple POV works beautifully, a mark of the author’s skill.” March 2020.

“Packet C” in Sabr Literary (read online)

A little Frankenstein story. February 2020.

“Cinnamon to Taste” at The Wicked Library (listen online)

My Nightscript IV story “Cinnamon to Taste” is now available to hear online at The Wicked Library. Lovely narration by Sarah Ruth Thomas. My first story on this podcast. November 2019.

“Promise” in SYNTH: An Anthology of Dark SF

“Promise” has been reprinted in C.M. Muller’s dark science fiction anthology series. September 2019.

“The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future” at Tales to Terrify (listen online)

“The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future” is available online for the first time at the Tales to Terrify podcast–number 397, wonderfully narrated by Corinne Bachaud. This is a fantastic horror podcast–check it out! On the podcast, there is an introductory story before the start of mine, so make sure to keep listening. My first story on Tales to Terrify. September 2019.

“The Pelt” in Vastarien: A Literary Journal

“The Pelt” appears alongside beautiful full-color illustration in this fantastic issue of Vastarien. This story was reviewed by Des Lewis and was chosen by Vastarien’s editors for a Pushcart Prize nomination. Summer 2019.

“What Do You See When You’re Both Asleep?” in The Arcanist (read online)

My science fiction flash story about communication with dogs “What Do You See When You’re Both Asleep?” first appeared in The Arcanist. June 2019.

The story was also podcast on Manawaker Studio Podcast in 2020.

“A White Filigree” in Three Drops From a Cauldron (read online)

This very short story is now out in issue 26 of the U.K. publication Three Drops from a Cauldron. June 2019.

Flame Tree Publishing’s American Gothic anthology

the cover for the American Gothic Anthology: American Gothic, Gothic Fantasy

“In the Country,” originally published in Pseudopod, is now out in an anthology of American Gothic fiction from Flame Tree Press. Contemporary writers appear alongside Shirley Jackson, Flannery O’Connor, Edgar Allen Poe, and more. Flame Tree has a blog post with authors’ inspirations for these stories and another on authors’ favorite American Gothic Stories. May 2019.

“A Vampire Novelist” at Riddled with Arrows (read online)

Riddled with Arrows is an online magazine that publishes metafiction. The theme of this issue is “Libraries & Bookstores,” so the TOC is arranged like a card catalog.

This story of a vampire novelist writing about a vampire novelist was written in late 2018 and published in April 2019.

“You Will Make Me Strong Again” at freeze frame fiction (read online)

This ghost story was written in 2018 and published March 2019.

“Paper Dragonfly, Paper Mountain” at Apparition Lit (read online)

This science fiction flash story was written and published in February 2019.

“The Children of Robbie” in Black Dandy 3

My story “The Children of Robbie” is now out in the New Zealand publication Black Dandy. From the issue description: “A compassionate dog and his anachronistic family prove that oddity comes in all shapes and with unexpected outcomes.” January 2019.

“Cinnamon to Taste” in Nightscript IV

My second story in this wonderful series edited by C.M. Muller. “Cinnamon to Taste” begins with luscious cinnamon babka and gets a little weird from there. This story was real-time reviewed by Des Lewis and listed in Ellen Datlow’s recommended list for Best Horror of the Year, volume 11. October 2018

“The Drought, 1983” in Dappled Things (read online)

This is one of the only stories I’ve written that could not be labeled speculative, but I would say it’s still a horror story if you squint. It was published as an honorable mention for the J.F. Powers Prize.

“Promise” on Escape Pod (listen online)

Tina Connolly beautifully narrates this story of a young innocent recruited into a creepy academy of game design. This was part of the Escape Artists’ series Artemis Rising 4, which had an amazing cover from Geneva Benton. March 2018.

“The Best of Our Past, The Worst of Our Future” in Haunted Are These Houses

This story was reprinted in 2018’s Haunted Are These Houses from Unnerving. This is a great anthology with many different flavors of the gothic. 2018.

“Swarm of Pan” in Automata Review

The teacher dreams begin. I loved Automata Review. This publication ran from 2017-2020 and published some wonderful stories by writers such as Stephen Graham Jones, Premee Mohamed, and Eddie Generous. Sadly, the magazine is no longer active, but I have published the story on Curious Fictions.

“A Fully Chameleonic Foil” in The Arcanist (read online)

A seller of fully chameleonic foil brings her wares to the park. December 2017. My first appearance in this online magaazine. This story was also reprinted in The Arcanist: Year One and in Sins and Other Worlds, edited by Eric S. Fomley.

“The Gestures Remain” in Nightscript III

Rainbow House has its secrets.  My first story in C.M. Muller’s Nightscript series. This story was real-time reviewed by Des Lewis and mentioned in Ellen Datlow’s long list for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 10. My first appearance in Nightscript. October 2017.

“The Best of Our Past, The Worst of Our Future” in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 36

A long, hot summer and a visitor comes to stay. I absolutely love Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and everything from Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link’s Small Beer Press. 2017.

“In the Country” on PseudoPod (listen or read online)

The first piece I submitted to a national publication. I was thrilled with the lovely narration by Dagny Paul as well as the discussion of the story by Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West of Faculty of Horror. My first appearance on this podcast. Tina Connolly beautifully narrates this story of a young innocent recruited into a creepy academy of game design. This was part of the series Artemis Rising 3, which had an amazing cover from Ashley Mackenzie. March 2017.

“Cubby” at CDM Studio’s Portable Story Series (listen here)

As the winner in a “time travel” themed contest judged by Paul Levinson, “Cubby” was narrated by Lili Taylor and produced by Charles de Montebello of CDM Sound Studios for Portable Story Series. I’m a fan of Lili Taylor from her roles in the HBO program Six Feet Under and movies such as Say Anything, I Shot Andy Warhol, and The Haunting, so I was overjoyed that she narrated my story. The narration and CDM’s production were both beautifully done. The audio is available here, running about twenty-three minutes:

 Here is the promotional video:

“Fortunes” in Writers in the Attic: Water

This short story appeared in an anthology from Boise’s The Cabin (formerly Log Cabin Literary Center) in 2016. My first story to be published.